When your small…people are strange

Yes and it has been no a proven fact as it has been all over the centuries that young people don’t really care about their houses.It was that factor that start promoting smaller and smaller living conditions even Turing our century in a packet of living conditions.Here are some of the most famous small packs now days.

Miniature house in London 17,4

sold for 275000 pounds a new record for 17,4 sq.There is no room for a description you can see it all in the picture.

small house

you can read it in Geek here.

Smallest hotel in the world

mikro 2

It is a small portable suitcase hotel.It has hosted so far more than 3000 people running from 2004.There are a lot of positive commends from all those that stayed and since they tried to cover all basic needs they could not find room for the guest book so they encourage their customers to write on it. Dimensions 2,74×1,47.

Built in 2004, the hotel includes a mini bathroom with a toilet and sink as well as bunk beds. It can cater to only two guests.

The man behind The Suitcase Hotel is retired railway conductor Matthias Letterman.

‘I wanted to make a crazy and unusual stopover that fitted in with the Railway themed museum and restaurant we had established nearby back in 1998,’ said the 56-year-old.

‘One of the large suitcases being displayed at the museum was offered to me. With the help of two friends – a plumber and a roofer – I managed to turn it into a hotel.’

Read more here,here

Welcome to the world’s smallest hotel that has just ONE room measuring 8ftx10ft…and is all booked up for the summer

  • World’s smallest hotel has opened in Copenhagen, with only one tiny bedroom above the city’s smallest coffee shop
  • Despite its diminutive appearance the room comes with bathroom, flat screen and mini bar
  • It is decorated with a large picture of Ronnie Barker as the owners are fans

small bath cop small hotel cop small cafe cop

Equipped with a TV and iPhone docking station this en-suite room has just enough space to swing a cat in – but not much more.

There is also a picture of legendary British comedian Ronnie Barker – not because he stayed there but because the owner of the hotel is a huge fan.

Every corner of the pint-sized room has been used for storage after the owner renovated the empty building
Owner Leif Thingtved said the small but perfectly formed hotel room is booked all summer. Read more here.

 Capsule hotel.

 Nine hours hotel

nine hours


A Japanese hotelier that provides ultra-economical, pod-style accommodation, has opened a new location at Narita Airport in Tokyo. The concept of capsule hotels is nothing new—the first such establishment opened in Osaka in 1979, and they have grown in popularity among frugal travellers, inebriated office workers and even the unemployed—but this is the first time sleeping pods have appeared at airports. Gulliver is surprised it didn’t happen sooner.

Catching forty winks during an airport stopover can be a trying experience, so much so that many people—myself included—no longer make the effort. Being six foot four, your correspondent has learned to preoccupy himself in other ways while waiting for connecting flights: working and reading fit the bill nicely, as does staring forlornly at the runway while I drift into a semi-conscious haze. Though my mood often flounders and my temper shortens, I have found my circadian rhythm to be a negotiable biological process. Once the mind recognises that the conditions for sleep are absent, the body makes pragmatic adjustments. The horizon of consciousness stretches, and traditional concepts of time evaporate.

But it needn’t be this way, says Nine Hours. It has set up 129 pods at Narita, equipped with beds, and not much else. Each one measures about two metres long, one metre high and one metre wide. The price is ¥1,500 ($14.50) for the first hour, then ¥500 for each subsequent hour. Or you can pay ¥3,900 for a full night. Customers have access to shower facilities, high-speed Wi-Fi, storage lockers and a shared lounge. Read more here.

Of course someone will say that its a matter of economic ability and the sooner or later when they get some money they will surely get a bigger place.Well so far w have seen that to be a culture thing and to vary all around the world. Others tend to spend money to Big houses sure.But thee are still places in the world where people spend their money on enjoying their life than making a house to live in.And most likely it will be a small percentage nowadays that will invest early on in a house. Most will try and get a house later on and that’s a big maybe.SO culture might be the absolute factor as it seems but eventually and as we see it the world will turn in a smaller place to live …


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