Simple social media advice for beginners

I wanted to gather some information around social media in a simple easy to read post for many of my struggling friend trying and learning social media usage or using social media in their business.I know that even small business today use professionals, its my job either way, but still some advice that could help people trying to manage their social media in daily basis.And since many of you will already have understand the usage of using a lot of social platforms i ll try to focus more on how to start and then manage them with simple tactics and advice. And for those that have not already started to really deal with their social media i ll show you an interesting info graphic to think about why you should start using social media.


1) One step

Taking it slow early on is definitely the way you want to go.A simple yet most effective advice is to start using one platform at a time and try mastering it before you jump to another.It is not only crucial but also very important to give time to your work to in on platform read about it and improve it.As always if you don t know how and you want to learn you can try here and get a good course to learn anything you want to improve.

2) Next step

After mastering some platforms you need to start getting a schedule working on them. Try to get as many as you can handle and then use a schedule to keep them active and running.There is really no point having all bunch of platforms but not use them.Take some time to identify the needs you try to cover from various social platforms and then explain why you use it.That can narrow a bit your social media usage and identify the ones that really help you out. Now days content is King and bearing that in mind you should try and support as many platforms as you can with good upkeep and the best possible content. As always one step at a time and as many as you can handle is a good key to start with a good basis to work on. Maybe using more than 3-4-5 platforms become extremely time consuming but there are ways to get help before hiring me to do it for you.

here are 3 tools that might help you out :


Zapier enables you to trigger an action in one app when something happens in another. Here’s an example of a command you might enter: “When someone signs up for my newsletter, create an entry for them in my customer relationship management system.” How much time would that save you in one day? Here’s another: “Add Twitter users to a Google Drive spreadsheet when they favorite one of my tweets”? You get the idea. This is a handy way to gather warm leads.

With hooks to over 200 web apps, the possibilities are huge.

tedious business tasks

If This Then That (IFTT)

If This Then That (IFTT) is very similar to Zapier except it’s free. True you’re currently limited to 145 “Recipes”, IFTT’s term for a “do this when this happens” connection. Even so, the possibilities seem endless here as well. IFTT even offers the ability to take an action based on your Android or iPhone’s possible location – imagine getting an SMS message when you’re near a client’s office that reminds you to stop by and say, “Hi!”

Even better, you can use recipes that were already created by other IFTT users, a true jump start on getting the most out of this tool.

Oasis Workflow

The final automation tool listed here is Oasis Workflow, a WordPress plugin that enables you to create a content approval process with steps. The process includes conditionals (if approved do this, if not approved do that) and roles (writers, approvers) with specific players ( for example, actual staff).

Oasis Workflow appears to be an incredible time saver for two reasons. First, you don’t have to remember to send an e-mail or text to alert the next person in the process that it’s time for them to act. The plugin handles this for you. Second, you don’t need to search through messages to know exactly what stage each piece of content is currently in. So this could be a handy tool for content managers.

tedious business tasks

3) Keep it together

It does not matter nowadays much to get a simple don’t need to go and buy fake friends from Fiverr . What really matters is to try and get engagement. Be active be there and talk with you people.Be part of conversations answer their commends and be punctual to your followers.Easy steps always.IF you keep your content close to your personality and you always use social media to represent it you ll get your followers and then is when you need to be consistent. Give a good content in a proper timed manner while you interact with your audience as much as possible. Questions quiz info graphics replies and feedback as much as possible is the key in social media relations. IF you don’t plan to engage your audience then you might as well head to buy some numbers for your accounts.


4) how to

easy to say so far create and manage then engage and keep it up but how can this be done effective especially nowadays with so many of those platforms out there. here are some steps you need push on.

Its very important to stop being a general idea and if you really want to use social media with a professional way then you gotta go niche. You expertise over the year your experience inside the field your working is the key for making your audience.And that’s what you ll be promoting and that’s why people will listen.Even if you are using social media for more personal reasons your character will eventually identify your audience that will eventually follow your personality. And that’s something you need to be aware of and not hide but promote it.

  • You need understand the value of specialization. You get why heart surgeons earn 10x more than family doctors.
  • Start using some platforms and after a while (3 months) start using metrics to identify what is your audience what interests them and when.All equally important so you can get a clear view on things.
  • Whether your target audience is male or female, it doesn’t matter. Info graphics do extremely well on Pinterest.
  • Asking your readers and fans to follow , like your rest of the platforms and have an easy to follow button with all your social media platforms in a main position.Easy access to all your platforms is important.
  • Always try to collect emails of you audience.Always creating a personal mail list will always be handy for many reasons especially if you want to promote something important to you in a given time.Mails are identities and you should gather them and treat them well.
  • And for that reason tools for emails you can use :


    ActiveInbox turns your Gmail inbox into a to-do list on steroids. With just a few clicks of a button, you can sort your emails into groups such as “Do Today”, “Waiting On”, “Actions to Take” and more. This helps you work through your email quickly and usefully so important messages float to top and stay on your radar while less important messages end up in a bucket for you to deal with when you can get around to them.

    There are two other nice features here. One is the ability to schedule emails to be sent at a future date and time. Another is the the addition of “Project” folders that enable you to group emails and tasks by common goals.

    tedious business tasks


    Mailstrom uses artificial intelligence to scan email headers (but never the contents.) It then sorts each message into bundles that you can handle as a group. Unlike ActiveInbox, Mailstrom can be used with any email system including Gmail, AOL, Outlook and Apple.

    There is also an unsubscribe feature that removes your email from mailing lists you want to leave.

  • Get a proper schedule.Early proper schedule that will definitely include time for your self ( wont say more here ) and surely a must do each day.Setting up you goals and getting one step done each day will ensure you ll get there eventually and after some practice sooner.Schedule is really important to make this happen.I m sure many of you got a lot of scheduling apps to use so i wont suggest any.What is important is you need to get a good sleep and start early on.
  • Use adwords for google insights for facebook pages and statistics that are included in most platforms these days.Will help you identify easier your audience.

5) content

Every business needs content. Not the bland, me-too nonsense that so often clutters up our in-boxes and feeds, but genuinely useful, interesting content.

Content that lets a business stand out amid the clutter and noise. Content that moves prospects closer to a sale. Content that can become a powerful differentiator for your company.

And increasingly, businesses are having a tough time finding the writers who know how to create that kind of content over time.

According to some recent research by Content Marketing Institute, the demand for content writers has grown by 320 percent … just over the past year.

And while in the past, about 10 percent of companies struggled to find qualified professionals, that’s risen to 32 percent this year.

One of the reasons I think organizations struggle is, they don’t always know what qualities will make for a genuinely productive, profitable hire. And as you might guess, I have a few strong opinions about that.

So here’s what I think you should look for, when you’re looking for a content professional to create the marketing that will move your business forward.

  1. A strong, confident writing voice
  2. Solid spelling, grammar, and usage
  3. Finds the intriguing angle
  4. Understands the elements of content that sells
  5. Can articulate why they’re using a particular content strategy
  6. Commitment to professionalism and ongoing education

6) Don’t panic

and lastly dont panic.IT requires some time to get the hang of it but if you keep your head down follow your program you ll get there. and there are way to get help in many aspects you ll require in the process. i ll get some link here that will surely make your life easier if you go over them a bit.Hope i helped you a bit and thx for reading.

link you must see :


Announcing our TED Prize 2015 winner: Dave Isay of StoryCorps

TED Blog

Dave Isay of StoryCorps is the winner of the 2015 TED Prize. On March 17, he'll reveal his wish. Photo: StoryCorps Dave Isay of StoryCorps is the winner of the 2015 TED Prize. On March 17, he’ll reveal his wish. Photo: StoryCorps

“I’m a storyteller.”

It’s a sentence that can be found in a wide variety of TED Talks — because, really, it is the heart of what we do.

This is why, for the 10th anniversary of the TED Prize in 2015, we are thrilled to award the million-dollar prize to Dave Isay, the founder of StoryCorps. A large-scale oral history project, StoryCorps puts two people who know each other well — a husband and wife, a father and son, longtime co-workers — in a recording booth, giving them 40 minutes to have a real conversation, the kind that digs beyond the mundanities of life to unlock the powerful stories we each hold inside. So far, 100,000 Americans have participated in StoryCorps. All the digital audio files go to…

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Pictures of the Week: Oct. 31 – Nov. 7

Nov. 2, 2014. Turkish soldiers keep warm atop a hill overlooking the Syrian town of Kobani, near the Mursitpinar border crossing on the Turkish-Syrian border in the southeastern town of Suruc in Sanliurfa Province.

Turkish soldiers keep warm atop a hill overlooking the Syrian town of Kobani, near the Mursitpinar border crossing on the Turkish-Syrian border in the southeastern town of Suruc

Nov. 2, 2014. Daredevil Nik Wallenda, left center in red, makes his tightrope walk uphill at a 19-degree angle, from the west tower at Marina City across the Chicago River to the top of the Leo Burnett Building in Chicago.

Nik Wallenda

Nov. 4, 2014. Dogs trot around in a spa and grooming room at The Wagington Luxury Pet Hotel in Singapore on its opening day, giving wealthy pet owners a new option to pamper their furry companions.


TACLOBAN, LEYTE, PHILIPPINES – NOVEMBER 02: A young girl walks between crosses as she tries to find the  grave of a loved one at a newly constructed mass grave for 3,000 typhoon Haiyan victims on the grounds of the Holy Cross Cemetary during All Souls Day on November 2, 2014 in Tacloban, Leyte, Philippines. Filipinos descend on cemetaries all across the country to tend to the graves of loved ones on November 1-2 marking All Saints day and All Souls day. Residents of Leyte are preparing for the 1-year anniversary since Super Typhoon Yolanda struck the coast on November 8, 2013, leaving more than 6000 dead and many more homeless. *** BESTPIX *** Locals Prepare For First Anniversary Of Typhoon Haiyan

Nov. 5, 2014. Starlings in the Scottish Borders. Tens of thousands of starlings start their murmuration, with Criffel mountain in the background, as dusk falls near Gretna Green on the England and Scotland border.

Starlings in the Scottish Borders

In this Monday, Nov. 3, 2014 photo taken with smartphone camera, a fallstreak hole forms in the sky over Wonthaggi, Australia. A fallstreak hole is a circular gap that appears in high clouds, when a section of the cloud freezes. The ice crystals are heavy, so they fall out of the cloud, leaving a hole. It is a relatively rare phenomenon.Australia Rare Cloud

Nov. 4, 2014. Citizens go to cast their ballots at the South Shore Park building on Election Day in Milwaukee.

BESTPIX Midterms Elections Held Across The U.S.

Belarus Interior Ministry troops soldiers take part in the qualifying examinations for the “Madder Beret” headdress outside Minsk, on November 4, 2014. TOPSHOTS-BELARUS-SPECIAL-FORCES-EXAM

Nov. 4, 2014. A judge wearing white gloves stands before a special session of the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York on the occasion of the 225th anniversary of the first session of the court.

A judge stands before a special session of the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York on the occasion of the 225th anniversary of its first session in New York

A young Indian Shiite Muslim flagellates himself during a procession to mark Ashoura in New Delhi, India, Tuesday, Nov. 4, 2014. Shiites mark Ashoura, the tenth day of the month of Muharram, to commemorate the Battle of Karbala when Imam Hussein, a grandson of Prophet Muhammad, was killed. APTOPIX India Ashoura

Nov. 4, 2014. Pakistani Shiite Muslim immigrants to Greece take part in a religious Ashoura procession in Athens’ Piraeus district.


Nov. 6, 2014. Afghan special forces demonstrate their skills during Secretary General of NATO Jens Stoltenberg’s first visit as the head of NATO at the special forces training camp in Kabul.

APTOPIX Afghanistan

Oct. 31, 2014. San Francisco Giants fans, some dressed in Halloween costumes, watch the victory parade for the 2014 World Series champions.

APTOPIX World Series Giants Celebration Baseball

A piece of debris is seen near the crash site of Virgin Galactic’s SpaceShipTwo near Cantil, California November 1, 2014. Virgin Galactic founder Richard Branson said on Saturday he was working with U.S. authorities to determine what caused a passenger spaceship being developed by his space tourism company to crash in California, killing one pilot and injuring the other.vPiece of debris is seen near the crash site of Virgin Galactic's SpaceShipTwo near Cantil

Nov. 1, 2014. A tomb is decorated with flowers in Barcelona during All Saints Day, a Catholic holiday to reflect on the saints and deceased relatives.

APTOPIX Spain All Saints Day

Oct. 31, 2014. Members of a Mexican honor guard stand behind the spray from a water fountain during a welcoming ceremony for El Salvador’s President Salvador Sánchez Cerén at the National Palace in Mexico City.

APTOPIX Mexico El Salvador

Nov. 6, 2014. A ball is seen near a crater caused by shelling at a school’s soccer field in Donetsk, eastern Ukraine. Two teenagers died and four were wounded when an artillery shell hit the school’s playing field as they played soccer.

A ball is seen near a crater caused by shelling at school's soccer field in Donetsk

A participant in costume holds aloft a torch as bonfire societies parade through the streets of Lewes in Sussex, on November 5, 2014, during the traditional Bonfire Night celebrations. Bonfire Night is related to the ancient festival of Samhain, the Celtic New Year. Processions held across the South of England culminate in Lewes on November 5, commemorating the memory of the seventeen Protestant martyrs. Thousands of people attend the parade through the narrow streets until the evening comes to an end with the burning of an effigy, or ‘guy,’ usually representing Guy Fawkes, who died in 1605 after an unsuccessful attempt to blow up The Houses of Parliament. TOPSHOTS-BRITAIN-OFFBEAT-TRADITION-BONFIRE

Nov. 6, 2014. Spectators wearing 3D glasses watch the live concert of the German band Kraftwerk at the Louis Vuitton Art Foundation in Paris.


WASHINGTON, DC – NOVEMBER 05:  U.S. President Barack Obama walks away after speaking to the media during a news conference in the East Room a day after Democrats lost the US Senate Majority, November 5, 2014 in Washington, DC. Yesterday Republicans won the majority of the US Senate for the first time in 8 years after Americans went to the polls and voted in the mid-term elections.

President Obama Holds A News Conference Day After Midterm Elections

Nov. 7, 2014. A historic image commemorating the former Berlin Wall is projected on Alcala Gate in Madrid. Germany will celebrate the 25th anniversary of the fall of the wall on November 9.

Historic image commemorating the former Berlin Wall is projected on Alcala Gate in Madrid

Nov. 6, 2014. A couple under an umbrella walk amid Christmas illuminations in Tokyo, Japan.

Christmas illumination in Tokyo

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Kermit the Frog gives a TEDx Talk, and Twitter loves it

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Kermit surprised the audience at TEDxJackson. Photo: Twitter/@kaotate Kermit surprised the audience at TEDxJackson. Photo: @kaotate

Twitter was ablaze yesterday with some interesting news: Kermit the Frog had just become the first frog (albeit puppet) to give a TEDx Talk. On Thursday afternoon, the green superstar hopped on over to Jackson, Mississippi, to give a standing-ovation-grabbing talk at TEDxJackson. Kermit was a natural fit for the event, as The Muppets creator Jim Henson is a Mississippi native. So, by proxy, is Kermit.

Kermit talked about creativity and the power of “ridiculous optimism,” a mantra treasured by Henson, and still valued by Kermit and friends today. The incomparable Sir Ken Robinson introduced Kermit via video message and Kermit took it from there, perched atop a red ottoman with an iPhone in hand and sweet tea close by.

The Twitter coverage of the event brightened our day, and while we wait for the talk to post online, a few choice tweets…

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Breaking Bad

Greek translation at the end.

Breaking Bad has sparked a surge in crystal meth use across Europe, expert warns

  • Parts of the EU are being flooded with methamphetamine, officials warn
  • Germany has seen a 51% rise in usage of the class A drug 
  • In Britain border patrols have seen a 400% surge in smuggling the drug 
  • Professor Ellis Cashmore said TV show Breaking Bad could be to blame
  • Even if the drug’s negative side is portrayed, people will be curious, he said


Referred to as ‘ice’ or ‘glass’, methylamphetamine can be consumed orally, sniffed, smoked or injected and is becoming increasingly popular as a stimulant in the gay club scene.

In its most popular crystalline form it resembles glass shavings or a crystal rock but is also available in pills and powder.

The drug causes a range of dangerous side-effects alongside its high, such as increased heart rate, paranoia and heart problems.

The first crystal meth factory in the UK was found in 2005 and fears of its gradual introduction in the UK prompted its upgrade from a class-B to a class-A drug in January 2007.

The drug was first synthesised in 1919 but has grown in popularity due to the ease with which it is produced using a number of household products and items.

Across Europe, seizures of methamphetamine have increased from 30kg in 2000 to 1,582kg in 2011.

A shocking rise in crystal meth use across the UK and Europe is down to the influence of hit TV show Breaking Bad, a leading academic has warned.

The European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction (EMCDDA) has revealed how parts of the EU are now being flooded with methamphetamine.

Germany in particular has seen the highest surge in usage of the class A drug, reporting a worrying 51 per cent rise.

In Britain alone border patrols have seen a surge in attempts to smuggle crystal meth into the country, with incidents rising by 400 per cent in the past year.

A shocking rise in crystal meth use across the UK and Europe is down to the influence of hit TV show Breaking Bad, an expert has warned

A shocking rise in crystal meth use across the UK and Europe is down to the influence of hit TV show Breaking Bad, an expert has warned.br2

In the show Walter White, played by Bryan Cranston (left) plays a chemistry teacher who teams up with his former student Jesse Pinkman, played by Aaron Paul (right) to sell methamphetamine

Figures released by the Government in January also revealed seizures of the deadly drug by police forces have also quadrupled in the last five years.

Professor Ellis Cashmore, an author on celebrity and media culture, from Staffordshire University, said the global success of the critically acclaimed US drama could be to blame.

He claimed having the central plot of a popular TV show revolving around the drug would instantly boost its appeal.

Mr Cashmore said: ‘Although the show does not go out to glamourise the drug, its very inclusion promotes interest in that substance.

‘The fact it is a central premise to almost the entire series would serve to boost this interest for people who perhaps had not encountered it before.

 ‘One of the central protagonists Jessie, played by Aaron Paul, is portrayed as a drug addict and he is now a Hollywood A-Lister. He is a bit of a sex symbol.

‘The fact this character who we grow to love is taking crystal meth instantly makes people curious.

‘We live in a hedonistic generation where people are seeking pleasure from various sources, and increasingly these are be found in the most illicit forms.’

Even if the harmful effects of the drug are portrayed, people may still be drawn in, he added.

He said: ‘Even if a TV show, like Breaking Bad, portrays drugs in a negative aspect and showing its most destructive side, it will still appeal to somebody.

‘Showing the horrendous impact of crystal meth can have a boomerang effect and cause curiosity among some viewers who might think ‘that must be good’.

‘I’m not surprised following the success of Breaking Bad that we have news of a surge in the use of methamphetamine.

‘The fact millions of people have watched the show and been entertained by it almost instantly glamorises its subject matter, whether deliberate or not.’

Prague, is now the epicentre of the crystal meth industry, said to be the source of a staggering 95 per cent of all batches consumed in Europe.

In the show – which has won numerous Emmy and Golden Globe awards – one episode focuses on a scheme to export methamphetamine from New Mexico to the Czech Republic.

In Britain, border patrols have seen a surge in attempts to smuggle crystal meth into the country, with incidents rising by 400 per cent in the past year

In Britain, border patrols have seen a surge in attempts to smuggle crystal meth into the country, with incidents rising by 400 per cent in the past year

Professor Ellis Cashmore, of Staffordshire University, blames the surge on the TV show Breaking Bad. Having the central plot of a  show revolving around the drug instantly boosts its appeal, he said

In reality, police say it is also down to a much more sophisticated production and distribution network run by Vietnamese gangs based in the Czech Republic.

Colonel Jackub Frydrych, from Czech Republic Police, who heads the team trying to disrupt the trade, said: ‘There are booming markets.

‘I will give you an example: in Japan there is a big mark up of about £435 on each gram of crystal meth.

‘From a profit perspective it is one of the most dynamic markets.’

Home Office figures revealed the problem is also much closer to home with around 17,000 people believed to have used crystal meth in 2013.

Border police intercepted the drug on 252 occasions last year, rising from the 61 seizures recorded in 2011/12.

A number of ‘meth labs’ have been discovered in the UK but the majority of the country’s supply is thought to be smuggled in.

Officers in England and Wales recorded 110 seizures of the drug in its non-injectable form in the last year, compared to 55 occasions in 2010/11.

It was seized on only 24 incidents in 2008/09.

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Ένας επιφανής Βρετανός επιστήμονας κρούει τον κώδωνα του κινδύνου για την καταστροφική επίδραση που πιθανώς να έχει η δημοφιλής σειρά Breaking Bad στη διάδοση του συνθετικού ναρκωτικού crystal meth (κρυσταλική μεθαμφεταμίνη).

Οι φανατικοί οπαδοί του υπέρτατου αντι-ήρωα  Walter White, του καθηγητή που ξεκίνησε να “μαγειρεύει” crystal meth όταν διαγνώστηκε από καρκίνο, και του σέξι συνεργάτη του Jesse Pinkman, σπεύδουν να τους υπερασπιστούν, τονίζοντας το γεγονός ότι η σειρά δεν ωραιοποιεί τον κόσμο των ναρκωτικών.

Τα στατιστικά στοιχεία ωστόσο είναι αμείλικτα και εγείρουν ερωτήματα.

Η αύξηση της διακίνησης και της χρήσης κρυσταλικής μεθαμφεταμίνης στο Ηνωμένο Βασίλειο και την υπόλοιπη Ευρώπη είναι σοκαριστικά.

Όπως χαρακτηριστικά σημειώνει το Ευρωπαϊκό Παρατηρητήριο για τα Ναρκωτικά και τον Εθισμό (European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction – EMCDDA), το συνθετικό ναρκωτικό έχει κατακλύσει ολόκληρες περιοχές της Ευρώπης.

Η μεγαλύτερη αύξηση καταγράφεται στη Γερμανία και είναι της τάξεως του 51%.

Οι απόπειρες λαθραίας εισόδου μεθαμφεταμίνης στη Βρετανία παρουσίασαν τεράστια αύξηση 400% την περασμένη χρονιά, σύμφωνα με τη συνοριοφυλακή της χώρας.

Τον Ιανουάριο η βρετανική αστυνομία δημοσιοποίησε στοιχεία, εκ των οποίων προκύπτει τετραπλασιασμός των κατασχέσεων του συγκεκριμένου ναρκωτικού από την αστυνομία.

Ο καθηγητής Ellis Cashmore του πανεπιστημίου Staffordshire, ο οποίος μελετά την κουλτούρα των Media και των Celebrities, ισχυρίζεται ότι η τεράστια επιτυχία που σημειώνει διεθνώς η αμερικανική σειρά Breaking Bad μπορεί να ευθύνεται για την τεράστια αυτή αύξηση του ναρκωτικού, εφόσον η πλοκή του εξελίσσεται γύρω από την παραγωγή και διακίνηση του.br1

Σε κάθε περίπτωση, η σειρά αυξάνει το ενδιαφέρον για την crystal meth, ενώ πιθανώς την καθιστά και ελκυστική, σύμφωνα με το ν καθηγητή.

“Ο Aaron Paul που υποδύεται τον ναρκομανή Jesse είναι σήμερα ανάμεσα στους πρωτοκλασάτους σταρ του Hollywood και για πολλούς sex symbol”, λέει χαρακτηριστικά.

“Το γεγονός ότι ο τηλεοπτικός ήρωας που αγαπάμε κάνει χρήση crystal meth αυξάνει το ενδιαφέρον του κόσμου για το συγκεκριμένο ναρκωτικό” προσθέτει και επισημαίνει πως “ακόμα και το γεγονός ότι η σειρά δείχνει τις τρομακτικές συνέπειες της χρήσης του μπορεί να λειτουργήσει ως μπούμερανγκ και αντί να αποτρέψει κάποιον να τον κάνει να σκεφτεί: αυτό πρέπει να είναι καλό”.

Top 10