10 Great Quotes About Writing From Jorge Luis Borges You Should Read Right Now

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Jorge Luis Borges


“A writer – and, I believe, generally all persons – must think that whatever happens to him or her is a resource. All things have been given to us for a purpose, and an artist must feel this more intensely. All that happens to us, including our humiliations, our misfortunes, our embarrassments, all is given to us as raw material, as clay, so that we may shape our art.”*

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Should Social Media Censor Content?

Before Twitter and YouTube could respond, millions of users saw video of journalist James Foley being beheaded. An equally large number of people were privy to naked photos of celebrities on sites such as 4chan and reddit, after a hacker illegally stole the photos from the cloud. These were eventually removed, but not before a surprising controversy rose up around these instances: Should social media sites be in the business of censoring content-and, by extension, users?

Leslie Paul Machado, Virginia-based partner in LeClairRyan and co-chair of the national law firm’s Media, Internet and E-commerce Industry team, says free speech applies even to distasteful episodes, such as the Foley beheading video or the celebrity photo scandal. “For example, the Supreme Court has upheld the right of anti-gay protestors at military funerals and the burning of the flag,” Machado says. “That being said, we are increasingly witnessing websites taking down content like the Foley video or the stolen celebrity photos, usually because they violate the website’s terms of use.”

In other words, if you’re a user who thinks Facebook, 4chan, or any other website is treading on your right to free speech, you probably won’t have a compelling court case. Most sites describe their censorship to some degree within the terms of service (TOS) that all users must agree to. However, the censorship process itself need not be disclosed, and these private entities have the final word when it comes to what users can and cannot post.

In some cases, there are existing laws that govern the content some social media users may be sharing. “With regard to intellectual property issues, they are immune from liability for violations by their users as long as they honor take-down notices,” says Mark B. Baer, founder of the law corporation Mark B. Baer, Inc. and a frequent contributor to The Huffington Post. “Social media sites are not owned and operated by the government, and therefore, the owners of those sites may limit otherwise constitutionally protected speech. Furthermore, sites have been known to allow otherwise constitutionally prohibited material to remain online until ordered otherwise by a court of law. The nude photos of celebrities were removed only after the sites received copyright takedown notices.”

On YouTube, the TOS lists several things a user agrees to avoid when uploading videos or making comments. Most of this covers content with copyrights and trademarks, which have clear legal guidelines, but for other content, it asks you follow “common-sense rules that will help you steer clear of trouble.” Fail to follow the rules, and your content may be deleted.


Eric R. Chad, of the intellectual property law firm Merchant & Gould, says there are exceptions to First Amendment protections of free expression, including restrictions on obscenity and the distribution of stolen media, which might subject people sharing the stolen pictures and videos of celebrities to criminal and civil liability. Alternatively, according to Chad, from a legal perspective, social media sites aren’t required to take anything down and have no responsibility to protect users from potentially troubling or offensive material.

In the Foley case, Twitter deleting images and videos of the beheading may be understandable. However, many argue that because more and more people are getting their news from social media sites, social media sites need to err on the side of free speech. But that doesn’t seem to be the norm yet.

In September, the pastor of a Baptist church in Georgia had his video banned from YouTube after he posted his Sunday sermon about the persecution of Christians in the Middle East. His entire account was terminated, which he told his congregation had to do with what the site mistakenly believed to be “hate speech.”

“YouTube has clear policies that prohibit content like gratuitous violence, hate speech and incitement to commit violent acts, and we remove videos violating these policies when flagged by our users,” the social media site said in a statement. “We also terminate any account registered by a member of a designated Foreign Terrorist Organization and used in an official capacity to further its interests.”

Robert Quigley, senior lecturer for the School of Journalism at the University of Texas-Austin believes that if corporate offices, worried about ad sales, adopt the policy of shutting down uncomfortable speech for entire platforms-such as Google, Twitter, and Facebook-we could lose something in the process. “For example, Facebook doesn’t allow nudity. Therefore, is certain art banned from criticism? What about breastfeeding? I think it’s a slippery slope if they want to morally police their platforms,” he says. “I think social media sites should err on the side of allowing objectionable material. In the case of a beheading, I think we can all agree that it is horrific. However, once we entrust the social media corporations to make morality decisions, we can end up having controversial topics or even noncontroversial topics taken right out of the public discourse.”


“Personally, I find the trend of petitioning these networks to limit the dissemination of otherwise legal material bothersome,” Chad says. “A recent example is a college cheerleader who hunts big game in Africa and posts pictures of her kills on Facebook. A number of users petitioned Facebook to ban the woman or otherwise restrict her ability to post such pictures. Facebook has no obligation to ‘protect’ users from this content, and I find the notion that it does to be disturbing.” In the end, Facebook decided not to remove the photos, standing behind its user’s right to free speech. But Facebook users may also find that they are unable to post content that violates the site’s TOS.

Ultimately, we are talking about free platforms that provide a service, and no one has a right to use those platforms to post whatever they want, whenever they want. Whether or not one likes the policies of any given search engine or social media site, remember-when you’re in someone else’s home, you must play by his rules. If you want to right to post freely, you’ll have to start your own site.

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Simple social media advice for beginners

I wanted to gather some information around social media in a simple easy to read post for many of my struggling friend trying and learning social media usage or using social media in their business.I know that even small business today use professionals, its my job either way, but still some advice that could help people trying to manage their social media in daily basis.And since many of you will already have understand the usage of using a lot of social platforms i ll try to focus more on how to start and then manage them with simple tactics and advice. And for those that have not already started to really deal with their social media i ll show you an interesting info graphic to think about why you should start using social media.


1) One step

Taking it slow early on is definitely the way you want to go.A simple yet most effective advice is to start using one platform at a time and try mastering it before you jump to another.It is not only crucial but also very important to give time to your work to in on platform read about it and improve it.As always if you don t know how and you want to learn you can try here and get a good course to learn anything you want to improve.

2) Next step

After mastering some platforms you need to start getting a schedule working on them. Try to get as many as you can handle and then use a schedule to keep them active and running.There is really no point having all bunch of platforms but not use them.Take some time to identify the needs you try to cover from various social platforms and then explain why you use it.That can narrow a bit your social media usage and identify the ones that really help you out. Now days content is King and bearing that in mind you should try and support as many platforms as you can with good upkeep and the best possible content. As always one step at a time and as many as you can handle is a good key to start with a good basis to work on. Maybe using more than 3-4-5 platforms become extremely time consuming but there are ways to get help before hiring me to do it for you.

here are 3 tools that might help you out :


Zapier enables you to trigger an action in one app when something happens in another. Here’s an example of a command you might enter: “When someone signs up for my newsletter, create an entry for them in my customer relationship management system.” How much time would that save you in one day? Here’s another: “Add Twitter users to a Google Drive spreadsheet when they favorite one of my tweets”? You get the idea. This is a handy way to gather warm leads.

With hooks to over 200 web apps, the possibilities are huge.

tedious business tasks

If This Then That (IFTT)

If This Then That (IFTT) is very similar to Zapier except it’s free. True you’re currently limited to 145 “Recipes”, IFTT’s term for a “do this when this happens” connection. Even so, the possibilities seem endless here as well. IFTT even offers the ability to take an action based on your Android or iPhone’s possible location – imagine getting an SMS message when you’re near a client’s office that reminds you to stop by and say, “Hi!”

Even better, you can use recipes that were already created by other IFTT users, a true jump start on getting the most out of this tool.

Oasis Workflow

The final automation tool listed here is Oasis Workflow, a WordPress plugin that enables you to create a content approval process with steps. The process includes conditionals (if approved do this, if not approved do that) and roles (writers, approvers) with specific players ( for example, actual staff).

Oasis Workflow appears to be an incredible time saver for two reasons. First, you don’t have to remember to send an e-mail or text to alert the next person in the process that it’s time for them to act. The plugin handles this for you. Second, you don’t need to search through messages to know exactly what stage each piece of content is currently in. So this could be a handy tool for content managers.

tedious business tasks

3) Keep it together

It does not matter nowadays much to get a simple spam.you don’t need to go and buy fake friends from Fiverr . What really matters is to try and get engagement. Be active be there and talk with you people.Be part of conversations answer their commends and be punctual to your followers.Easy steps always.IF you keep your content close to your personality and you always use social media to represent it you ll get your followers and then is when you need to be consistent. Give a good content in a proper timed manner while you interact with your audience as much as possible. Questions quiz info graphics replies and feedback as much as possible is the key in social media relations. IF you don’t plan to engage your audience then you might as well head to buy some numbers for your accounts.


4) how to

easy to say so far create and manage then engage and keep it up but how can this be done effective especially nowadays with so many of those platforms out there. here are some steps you need push on.

Its very important to stop being a general idea and if you really want to use social media with a professional way then you gotta go niche. You expertise over the year your experience inside the field your working is the key for making your audience.And that’s what you ll be promoting and that’s why people will listen.Even if you are using social media for more personal reasons your character will eventually identify your audience that will eventually follow your personality. And that’s something you need to be aware of and not hide but promote it.

  • You need understand the value of specialization. You get why heart surgeons earn 10x more than family doctors.
  • Start using some platforms and after a while (3 months) start using metrics to identify what is your audience what interests them and when.All equally important so you can get a clear view on things.
  • Whether your target audience is male or female, it doesn’t matter. Info graphics do extremely well on Pinterest.
  • Asking your readers and fans to follow , like your rest of the platforms and have an easy to follow button with all your social media platforms in a main position.Easy access to all your platforms is important.
  • Always try to collect emails of you audience.Always creating a personal mail list will always be handy for many reasons especially if you want to promote something important to you in a given time.Mails are identities and you should gather them and treat them well.
  • And for that reason tools for emails you can use :


    ActiveInbox turns your Gmail inbox into a to-do list on steroids. With just a few clicks of a button, you can sort your emails into groups such as “Do Today”, “Waiting On”, “Actions to Take” and more. This helps you work through your email quickly and usefully so important messages float to top and stay on your radar while less important messages end up in a bucket for you to deal with when you can get around to them.

    There are two other nice features here. One is the ability to schedule emails to be sent at a future date and time. Another is the the addition of “Project” folders that enable you to group emails and tasks by common goals.

    tedious business tasks


    Mailstrom uses artificial intelligence to scan email headers (but never the contents.) It then sorts each message into bundles that you can handle as a group. Unlike ActiveInbox, Mailstrom can be used with any email system including Gmail, AOL, Outlook and Apple.

    There is also an unsubscribe feature that removes your email from mailing lists you want to leave.

  • Get a proper schedule.Early proper schedule that will definitely include time for your self ( wont say more here ) and surely a must do each day.Setting up you goals and getting one step done each day will ensure you ll get there eventually and after some practice sooner.Schedule is really important to make this happen.I m sure many of you got a lot of scheduling apps to use so i wont suggest any.What is important is you need to get a good sleep and start early on.
  • Use adwords for google insights for facebook pages and statistics that are included in most platforms these days.Will help you identify easier your audience.

5) content

Every business needs content. Not the bland, me-too nonsense that so often clutters up our in-boxes and feeds, but genuinely useful, interesting content.

Content that lets a business stand out amid the clutter and noise. Content that moves prospects closer to a sale. Content that can become a powerful differentiator for your company.

And increasingly, businesses are having a tough time finding the writers who know how to create that kind of content over time.

According to some recent research by Content Marketing Institute, the demand for content writers has grown by 320 percent … just over the past year.

And while in the past, about 10 percent of companies struggled to find qualified professionals, that’s risen to 32 percent this year.

One of the reasons I think organizations struggle is, they don’t always know what qualities will make for a genuinely productive, profitable hire. And as you might guess, I have a few strong opinions about that.

So here’s what I think you should look for, when you’re looking for a content professional to create the marketing that will move your business forward.

  1. A strong, confident writing voice
  2. Solid spelling, grammar, and usage
  3. Finds the intriguing angle
  4. Understands the elements of content that sells
  5. Can articulate why they’re using a particular content strategy
  6. Commitment to professionalism and ongoing education

6) Don’t panic

and lastly dont panic.IT requires some time to get the hang of it but if you keep your head down follow your program you ll get there. and there are way to get help in many aspects you ll require in the process. i ll get some link here that will surely make your life easier if you go over them a bit.Hope i helped you a bit and thx for reading.

link you must see :