Old Habbits

Its not that i m pessimistic but it seems in many cases in Greece things try to remain to existence from the past.Old habits stupid mental attitude many had and many supported since it helped them survive.Unfortunately it helped also to survive a Nation dependent on the state.

Now that all these have been clear and after the big depression Greece is still in i can only find it humorous that many still try to hold on to the past, believes or support practices of the past.


I hate to see more and more still depending on the state to create businesses and less and less new and young people getting the entrepreneur mentality.Its seems like there is no business spirit in Greece and i have to express my disappointment in the latest governments since they didn’t rush to change our School and University bad condition.And this Remains a well know issue for many governments not only the latest ones.Fights over the control of the universities and its mass production of political party members has been since the beginning of time. here

And you can see even from 2013 where the universities stand here ad how easy they declined to here.And we suppose to be part of a European community that suppose to at least hold the Rains in education and expertise as well as living conditions. For living conditions i wont go deeper since the crisis has killed and maimed a lot of ppl here.But now that we know and finally the rest realized that the conditions in universities are extremely bad especially on research what they do about it


And if from my point of view wanted to see mentality changed on the business entrepreneur in young ppl coming from universities  then a nations need for innovation and research will never rise from its universities in the year 2014 its just sad. Only thing that bothers them is money and they don’t realize the damage they cause to a  whole generation they are doing as Europeans. education